InterTASC meets formally twice a year. The meetings are divided into two parts. The first part is for InterTASC members only, while the second part of the meeting is also open to representatives from NICE and NIHR.

Upcoming meetings

The next meeting will be held in Spring 2024 (via MS Teams) hosted by PenTAG.

Past meetings

Spring 2020-todayOnline (via MS Teams)
2019-11-22NICE Offices, London
2019-06-21NICE Offices, London
2018-10-12NICE Offices, London
2018-06-01NICE Offices, Manchester
2017-10-13NICE Offices, Manchester
2017-05-26NICE Offices, Manchester
2016-11-11NICE Offices, Manchester
2016-07-07BMA House, Tavistock Square, London
2015-11-06BMA House, Tavistock Square, London
2015-07-02BMA House, Tavistock Square, London
2014-12-04Foresight Centre, University of Liverpool
2014-07-08Veysey Building, University of Exeter
2013-05-23Woudestein Campus, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
2012-05-29NICE Offices, Manchester
2011-12-06NICE Offices, London
2011-03-14NICE Offices, London
2010-11-03NICE Offices, London
2010-04-26Liverpool Medical Institution
2009-11-04NICE Offices, Manchester
2009-06-01NICE Offices, London
2009-02-02NICE Offices, London
2008-06-17NICE Offices, London
2008-02-20NICE Offices, London
2007-07-17NICE Offices, London
2007-03-05BMA House, Tavistock Square, London
2005-10-18Liverpool Medical Institute
2005-06-14NICE Offices, London
2004-07-27NICE Offices, London
2003-09-30NICE Offices, London
2003-07-21Faculty of Public Health
2003-04-07Royal College of Physicians
2002-09-24Faculty of Public Health
2002-05-07Senate House, University of London
2002-01-08Faculty of Public Health

The agendas, attendance lists and minutes of past meetings are circulated by email to the InterTASC teams and are not published.